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Daniel C.

Emily Rassam rocks!

Having worked with Emily as a default advisor assigned to me, I could not have been luckier in our alignment. Emily has consistently made herself available as I have sought guidance, performed well in adverse markets, and provided the balanced approach maximizing returns with moderate risk. She is well versed across all investment vehicles and takes the time to discuss strategies and their merits. From humble beginnings she has helped grow my total portfolio in a responsible manner while being respectful of the principles that guide my decision making. As she transitioned to her current firm (AIM), she has proven to operate with integrity and dignity by honoring her obligations to her previous firm. With her ability to blend traditional wisdom and financial thought leadership with current understanding of regulations and opportunities, Emily can and will deliver on your financial goals with a clear, well round plan and ongoing communication.
If you’re not investing your money through Emily, you should be.


Thank you!

Working with Archer Investments has provided peace of mind in a turbulent world. Rich is an active and thoughtful listener with a wealth of experience and confidence. I’m able to rest easy with him and his team as co-pilots in meeting my financial goals.


Personal and Professional

I have had the pleasure of working with Rich for almost 20 years. I am always happy with the level of service he and his team provide. The returns have been excellent and risk management is top-notch. There is plenty to worry about in this world, but not once have I doubted that Rich has my best interests at heart. It is a great team. Thank you Rich!


Thank you

We have worked with Rich for many years and could not be happier to have him in our corner! We know our money is being well taken care of and any recommendations Rich has for us are always based off of our specific situation. 100% recommend.


Peace of Mind

I’ve known Richard Archer for over 20 years and he “walks the talk”. He is trustworthy, honest, and genuinely cares for the people he serves. My husband and I asked Richard to consolidate all of our various retirement accounts shortly after we got married. He made the process as simple as possible for us. As our investments grow, we never fear about what the market is doing, if we should buy or sell. Richard understands our goals and uses his gifts and knowledge to make sure we are on the right tract to reaching them. We look forward to our annual review with Richard and his team. They are proactive in making sure they have answers even before we ask the questions!


Appreciate the Care taken with my Retirement Savings

We have been with Richard for about 2 years. His team is thorough, responsive, and anticipatory. I appreciate annual reviews and meetings throughout the year. I look forward to our ongoing relationship. I recommend them without hesitation. We transferred our retirement accounts and underwent a comprehensive assessment of our holdings and investor risk. They have excellent follow-through, and a reminder system for you to accomplish your assignments. I feel confident that our financial decisions will be enduring.



My wife and I have been with the Archer team for almost 3 years. Throughout, they have been responsive, thorough, and professional. All of the staff are excellent communicators, in person or via email/texts! The entire experience has brought us a great sense of security – from the initial “get to know you” conversations, with Rich doing an excellent job of listening, to the mid-course corrections when life changes. Initially they brought great organization to our portfolio, and our retirement is organized and easy to track. Whenever it’s time for us to do some homework, they are great at helping us with our end of the tasks


Why I trust Emily…

Emily has been a lifesaver for me in so many ways. I needed a Financial Advisor that I could trust, and I could not be more pleased. She is honest, provides great advice, guidance and always goes the extra mile for her clients. She is always professional, knows what is going on in the industry and what services the company offers I could benefit from.
I retired at the end of 2018, but before I did, I met with Emily, and we went over what my retirement would look like. There is no one else I would trust with my financial future. This advisor/client relationship is the best I’ve ever had. She keeps me on the right road! I appreciate her so much.


Emily Said I Could Retire!

We’ve worked with Emily for a few years now, and have been so impressed. She is a wealth of knowledge and a way of being able to answer a lay person’s questions in a very thorough and understandable manner. She can answer any question you throw at her with detail and clarity. She is honest, credible and trustworthy. She is very knowledgeable about the technology she has available to use and is able to provide strong visuals and projections to help with making decisions. She is always willing to meet and discuss a given topic or to provide an update on our portfolio. We’ll forever remember Emily as the person who said we could retire. That’s a hard decision to make and she was able to clearly show us the path. I’d highly recommend Emily to work with as a Financial Advisor.

Kelly T.

Trust is very important these days

I’ve been working with Emily for a few years now. She is a wonderful, kind and caring person. She has helped me tremendously in understanding the world of Financial planning. I am retiring next year in 2023 and feel very comfortable my retirement goals have been met. Trust is very important in selecting a Financial planning professional. I have every confidence in Emily’s guidance to make sure I have met my goals and can retire with peace of mind. She is a true professional and I’m happy to have her managing my money.