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Important Financial Decisions We Can Help You Make

We help high-achieving professionals in their peak earning years navigate important financial decisions like these:

  • Minimize Taxes
  • Stock Options and Equity Compensation
  • Maximize Your Employee Benefits
  • Protect Your Family
  • Diversification and Investing
  • College Planning
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Take A Sabbatical To Travel
  • Make Work Optional
  • And more!
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The beauty of planning is its impact on the future. These are the services that protect it.

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Investment Management

We focus on global diversification and minimizing underlying fees and taxes.

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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Your plans are designed around personal goals and resources, with a dashboard to watch it all grow.

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Strategic Life Planning

How can your money lead to the life you want? We’ll help you develop the strategy.

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The Power of Financial Planning

Only 25% of financial planners are CFP certified, but 100% of our advisors hold the distinction. We go the extra mile so we can educate our clients on exactly how we’re protecting their future. Our own Richard Archer explains:


Who We Have Helped

I was quite literally afraid of getting help and of all that it involved. It’s been wonderful. No kidding: best decision ever!

I’m not finance-oriented by any measure, but luck came my way for once and I found myself having enough assets to need some help. Only I didn’t know what kind of help I needed and it’s easy to get overwhelmed quickly and I was on like year number whatever of being overwhelmed and I just kicked that can down the road every year. After a short search, I found Archer’s team and quickly just pushed other options off the table and signed on. They’ve actually been able to simplify things in a way that makes me feel like I can manage my life and not worry about it all for the first time in years. I basically had all eggs, but no basket. Now I have a comprehensive plan from some incredible staff and I actually love the process instead of dreading the matter.

Simply put, Archer has changed how I view my own finances and what used to be a cause of stress for me is now a giant sigh of relief. I said in the title it was the best decision ever and I mean it: this has 100% seriously no-fingers-crossed changed my life. If you’re like me and you’ve been debating if you even need this kind of help, then yes… yes, you do!


archer 5 star review

Most thorough and personable financial planners and wealth managers

George and I had been with an investment firm that promised many things they never got to deliver. We are so grateful to have found Archer Investments. Emily, Richard and all of the staff are extremely knowledgeable and so personal. We feel like family to them. We also feel so comfortable with our financial planning that has transpired, feeling confident in our long range plans, short term goals, the security of having ample insurance and medical coverage along with complete documents (POA’s, wills, healthcare POA’s, everything to make any transition smooth for our family). It is a tremendous relief to have everything in place. Their wealth of knowledge and attention to detail is impeccable. We feel so blessed to have found them and highly recommend their comprehensive services.

Andrea and George

archer 5 star review

Comprehensive financial planning

Working with Emily, Richard, and the team has been great! Their insight has been invaluable for me across a variety of domains. Their approach builds from goals backwards — we met together to outline short-and-long-term goals and then used those goals to create a plan across a variety of decisions, from home ownership to car insurance to investment and much more. Richard and Emily truly do a great job of drawing me into the loop, ensuring that the financial plan we develop reflects my goals and wishes. Before settling with Archer Investments, I talked with a number of other advisors and none of them had the combination of professionalism, attention to detail, and comprehensive services offered by Archer.


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Great listeners and thought partners!

I found the team at Archer Investment Management to not only be strong at the nuts and bolts of financial advising, but they really listen. The onboarding process was very thorough, and it’s clear that they listen really well because the plan felt tailored; it was NOT plug and play. Also, we had great conversations where they felt like thought partners not just experts telling me what to do. I truly value our partnership.


archer 5 star review

Appreciate the Care taken with my Retirement Savings

We have been with Richard for about 2 years. His team is thorough, responsive, and anticipatory. I appreciate annual reviews and meetings throughout the year. I look forward to our ongoing relationship. I recommend them without hesitation. We transferred our retirement accounts and underwent a comprehensive assessment of our holdings and investor risk. They have excellent follow-through, and a reminder system for you to accomplish your assignments. I feel confident that our financial decisions will be enduring.


archer 5 star review

Peace of Mind

I’ve known Richard Archer for over 20 years and he “walks the talk”. He is trustworthy, honest, and genuinely cares for the people he serves. My husband and I asked Richard to consolidate all of our various retirement accounts shortly after we got married. He made the process as simple as possible for us. As our investments grow, we never fear about what the market is doing, if we should buy or sell. Richard understands our goals and uses his gifts and knowledge to make sure we are on the right tract to reaching them. We look forward to our annual review with Richard and his team. They are proactive in making sure they have answers even before we ask the questions!


archer 5 star review

Thank you!

Working with Archer Investments has provided peace of mind in a turbulent world. Rich is an active and thoughtful listener with a wealth of experience and confidence. I’m able to rest easy with him and his team as co-pilots in meeting my financial goals.


archer 5 star review

Thank you

We have worked with Rich for many years and could not be happier to have him in our corner! We know our money is being well taken care of and any recommendations Rich has for us are always based off of our specific situation. 100% recommend.


archer 5 star review


My wife and I have been with the Archer team for almost 3 years. Throughout, they have been responsive, thorough, and professional. All of the staff are excellent communicators, in person or via email/texts! The entire experience has brought us a great sense of security – from the initial “get to know you” conversations, with Rich doing an excellent job of listening, to the mid-course corrections when life changes. Initially they brought great organization to our portfolio, and our retirement is organized and easy to track. Whenever it’s time for us to do some homework, they are great at helping us with our end of the tasks


archer 5 star review

Personal and Professional

I have had the pleasure of working with Rich for almost 20 years. I am always happy with the level of service he and his team provide. The returns have been excellent and risk management is top-notch. There is plenty to worry about in this world, but not once have I doubted that Rich has my best interests at heart. It is a great team. Thank you Rich!


archer 5 star review

Why I trust Emily…

Emily has been a lifesaver for me in so many ways. I needed a Financial Advisor that I could trust, and I could not be more pleased. She is honest, provides great advice, guidance and always goes the extra mile for her clients. She is always professional, knows what is going on in the industry and what services the company offers I could benefit from.
I retired at the end of 2018, but before I did, I met with Emily, and we went over what my retirement would look like. There is no one else I would trust with my financial future. This advisor/client relationship is the best I’ve ever had. She keeps me on the right road! I appreciate her so much.


archer 5 star review

5 Stars

My husband and I trust Emily with our money she is honest and is very helpful and she knows how to listen to what we want and come up with a plan.

Terry R.

archer 5 star review

Trust is very important these days

I’ve been working with Emily for a few years now. She is a wonderful, kind and caring person. She has helped me tremendously in understanding the world of Financial planning. I am retiring next year in 2023 and feel very comfortable my retirement goals have been met. Trust is very important in selecting a Financial planning professional. I have every confidence in Emily’s guidance to make sure I have met my goals and can retire with peace of mind. She is a true professional and I’m happy to have her managing my money.

Kelly T.

archer 5 star review

Helpful right from the beginning

Working with Richard and Emily was a different experience right from the beginning. Rather than jumping into our current investments, risk tolerance and coming up with a cookie cutter plan, they took the time to get to know US. Asking the right questions and listening to our background, our goals, what is important to us, really helped build a relationship. It has helped to move forward with our financial planning especially when big decisions need to be made. They make themselves available to answer our many questions. I am happy we have chosen AIM.

Chad J.

archer 5 star review

Emily Rassam rocks!

Having worked with Emily as a default advisor assigned to me, I could not have been luckier in our alignment. Emily has consistently made herself available as I have sought guidance, performed well in adverse markets, and provided the balanced approach maximizing returns with moderate risk. She is well versed across all investment vehicles and takes the time to discuss strategies and their merits. From humble beginnings she has helped grow my total portfolio in a responsible manner while being respectful of the principles that guide my decision making. As she transitioned to her current firm (AIM), she has proven to operate with integrity and dignity by honoring her obligations to her previous firm. With her ability to blend traditional wisdom and financial thought leadership with current understanding of regulations and opportunities, Emily can and will deliver on your financial goals with a clear, well round plan and ongoing communication.
If you’re not investing your money through Emily, you should be.

Daniel C.

archer 5 star review

Emily Said I Could Retire!

We’ve worked with Emily for a few years now, and have been so impressed. She is a wealth of knowledge and a way of being able to answer a lay person’s questions in a very thorough and understandable manner. She can answer any question you throw at her with detail and clarity. She is honest, credible and trustworthy. She is very knowledgeable about the technology she has available to use and is able to provide strong visuals and projections to help with making decisions. She is always willing to meet and discuss a given topic or to provide an update on our portfolio. We’ll forever remember Emily as the person who said we could retire. That’s a hard decision to make and she was able to clearly show us the path. I’d highly recommend Emily to work with as a Financial Advisor.


archer 5 star review

Superb Clarity & Attention

Emily is so bright and has a deep understanding of her business. She is very good at explaining things to a layperson with the right amount of detail and clarity. I’ve been working with her for several years and I couldn’t be happier. I feel like our nest egg is safe and productive. I really couldn’t be happier to be her client.

Deb D.

archer 5 star review

We are comfortable with Emily

We have been very very pleased with Emily. We moved with Emily from her previous firm to Archer because we trust her. We have had many financial advisors over the years. Emily is the first one my wife has connected with. Emily explains things in a way that she understands and appreciates. Emily knows us and is always available. She is now also helping my two daughters. I cannot recommend her enough.

Tom K.

archer 5 star review

These testimonials were provided by current Archer Investment Management clients and may not be representative of the experiences of other clients. The clients were not compensated, nor are there material conflicts of interest that would affect the given testimonials. You can view a complete list of reviews at Emily Rassam's and Richard Archer's Wealthtender profiles.

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The Archer Difference

Why Archer

Who you choose to help guide you on your financial journey is important. So–why Archer?

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Simple and Transparent

We don’t get paid extra for anything we recommend to you. Our fees and support options are clear and easy to understand.

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Customized Guidance

As an independent firm, we are not tied to particular funds or investment products. Our team creates customized guidance based on your entire financial picture.

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Your Goals Are Ours

Your goals are our top priority. We’ll bring strategic and creative solutions to the table to help you reach them.

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What is typically included in a financial plan?

A financial plan helps you manage your money wisely. With a financial plan based on your situation and goals, you can get help with:

  • Budgeting, spending, saving, paying down debt
  • Determining the order to tackle financial goals
  • Reducing taxes now and in the years ahead
  • Smart, diversified investing for your goals
  • Strategies to optimize your income
  • Planning for a comfortable retirement
  • Having the right insurance coverages
  • Making the most of your job benefits
  • Saving for your college expenses
  • Passing on wealth to your family
  • Donating to causes you care about
  • Creating a streamlined estate plan

A financial plan is a custom roadmap that helps you work toward your financial and life goals. Along the way, we adjust your financial plan as big life changes or unexpected curveballs happen.

How can you help me with my employer stock options and equity compensation?

We specialize in helping employees with restricted stock units, incentive stock options, non-qualified stock options, long-term incentive plans, employer stock purchase plans, and more. We help you understand the unique tax rules surrounding equity compensation, how and when to time RSU sales, and when to exercise and sell your options.

How does financial planning look different for business owners?

If you are self-employed, we work with your tax expert (CPA) to set up your business in a financially sound way. This means deciding how much to pay yourself, finding tax deductions you can take, and using strategies to pay less in taxes overall.

You’ll also get a clearer understanding of how your personal finances are impacted by your business and proactive moves you can take to protect yourself and your business from risk.

What strategies can a financial planner use to maximize the amount of money and assets I leave behind for my family?

Estate planning is an important part of getting your finances organized and protecting your wealth.

We look at the tax limits for any money/property you plan to pass down after death. Then, we look at opportunities to restructure accounts so you can potentially pay less estate taxes to the government. We also help you run the numbers to decide if you should pay more taxes now so your kids pay less tax on their inheritance later.

Our team knows estate planning can be intimidating, but we’re great at breaking down the process, making it approachable, and keeping you on track for the completion of all your important documents.

If anything happens to me, how will you support my spouse/partner?

Losing a spouse or partner is catastrophic and overwhelming, but even more if you have not been proactive about getting your finances organized and streamlined. This is a big area where we help all our clients so they no longer worry about what would happen if they are gone.

Planning ahead and getting the details together now is one of the best gifts to give your spouse/partner if anything unexpected happens to you. We can do a lot on the front end to take care of each of you, no matter what happens.

In the rare event you or your spouse are diagnosed with a difficult disease or terminal illness, you should spend your final days with the people you love, not organizing your finances.

Here is how we help you feel confident that your spouse will be financially taken care of if anything happens.

  • First, we get your finances organized and streamlined now to proactively reduce stress later. This includes creating a master plan listing all accounts, saving records digitally, updating beneficiaries, and making sure both spouses understand your household finances. Even if one spouse takes the lead on the numbers, both of you need to understand important details.
  • Second, if anything happens to either of you, we want the surviving spouse to be able to call us immediately. We’ll be here to help them understand and navigate what to do next.

Then, over time, we will continue to be a support, guide, and source of help long after you’re gone.

Are your financial plans custom for every client?

Yes. Your financial plan is like your thumbprint, unique to you. No two clients in our firm have the same financial plan. Here’s why…

First, we learn about your personal relationship with money, goals, and how you want to use your money to live a good life today and have a secure future.

While there are similar elements to a sound financial plan, no one has all the same details or goals. This is why there is no cookie-cutter advice with our firm.

Then we build a plan around what's most important for your life now and long-term. Our goal is to help you live well now, while also planning responsibly for your future.

And that looks different for everyone.

Finally, what makes our plans unique is that we don’t just teach you how to save. Our goal is to show you how you can spend in meaningful ways, too.

While we have helped many clients plan for long, wonderful lives, we’ve also seen the brevity of life, too. This is why a great balance between planning for today and tomorrow is important.

What does a “Money Personality Type” mean?

Some people impulsively buy things. Others over-save and worry about the future no matter how much money they have in their accounts.

There is no right or wrong way to manage your money, but understanding your tendencies can help you move closer to your financial goals.

We help you understand your patterns and tendencies. Then, we use that information to help you make sustainable changes and meaningful choices with your money.

What is financial life planning?

Financial Life Planning is a specific process to help us understand the goals and values that drive your financial plan. The more we know about you, the better we can serve you.

What is Archer's investing philosophy?

At Archer, we diversify globally, keep your fees low and tax-efficient, take sensible risks, and avoid trying to "time" the market. Our firm can also invest in alternative assets for aggressive growth as needed, based on your risk tolerance.

While our core approach is foundational, your portfolio is always customized to you.

We tailor your investing portfolio based on what is important to you, your long-term goals, and risk tolerance.

What does it cost to hire a financial advisor?

Our financial planning and investment management services can add massive value to your financial life. A study from Vanguard1 shows skilled financial advisors can potentially save you three times what they cost.

We aim to minimize investment fees, help you legally lower your taxes, optimize income sources like stock options and Social Security, and minimize mistakes over decades.

If you just want basic investment management, a robo-advisor could work. But for custom, comprehensive planning tailored to your unique financial situation and goals, we deliver amazing value.

1Advisors Alpha Study by Vanguard

Our Standard Fee Schedule For Cash, Equities, Fixed Income, and Digital Assets:

  • 1.00% on the first $2,500,000 in Asset value
  • 0.50% on the next $7,500,000 in Asset value
  • 0.15% on the excess of $10,000,000 in Asset value

What advice do you have on how to find a good financial planner?

Check their credentials, make sure they specialize in your situation, and see if their services fit your needs.

We highly recommend working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. A CFP® is one of the highest designations a financial advisor or planner can achieve.

All CFP®s have to complete hundreds of hours of coursework, get years of industry experience, and have high ethical standards.

Most importantly, you need to trust who you hire as your long-term financial partner. You'll share deep personal information and rely on their guidance.

Once you know they are qualified, great questions to ask yourself are:

  • Are they a good personality match for me?
  • Is this someone my partner also gets along with as well?
  • Does their service model work for what I need?
  • Do they specialize in working with people like me?
  • Will I receive a cookie-cutter plan or a custom plan?

What services do financial advisors provide?

A financial advisor is someone who can help you with your money and investment strategy. Our job is to give you guidance on things like saving money, investing, planning for retirement, and more.

Here are some of the main ways we often help people like you who want a financial advisor in Austin, Texas, Charlotte, North Carolina or virtually around the US:

  • Financial Planning: As a financial advisor, we will look at your current money situation and help you make a plan to reach your financial goals. This includes making a budget, managing your cash flow, paying off debt, and setting realistic targets for yourself.
  • Investment Advice: We can recommend different investment options based on your comfort with risk, how long you have until you need the money, and your money goals. Our team will look at things like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, digital assets, and other investments to help you build a balanced portfolio.
  • Retirement Planning: We can help you plan for retirement by figuring out how much money you'll need to retire, suggesting which retirement accounts to use and in what order, and making sure your savings are on track over time. We can also advise you on when to start taking Social Security and how to convert your retirement savings into retirement income when it’s time for you to stop working.
  • Risk Management: As financial advisors, we evaluate risks that could affect your money and help you manage them. We look at your insurance needs, like property and casualty, life, health, disability, and long-term care insurance, and recommend the right coverage to protect you. Insurance is a transfer of risk. The more successful you become, the more important it becomes to protect what you have.
  • Tax Planning: As we build your financial plan, we look for legal and proactive ways to reduce how much you pay in taxes now and in the years ahead. We work with your CPA or tax professional to reduce the stress you have during tax season, too.
  • Estate Planning: What do you want your money to do for those you love when you’re gone? Our team can help you create a plan that will protect and pass on your assets to your family. We can also work to reduce the taxes paid after you pass. Estate planning can include creating wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, and working with legal experts.
  • Money Education and Communication: Beyond the nuts and bolts of your financial plan and investments, we also help you understand how your emotions and biases influence your financial decisions. We have a financial therapist on our team as a resource to educate our team and continue to improve the support we give clients.

Our goal is to be your guide and “thinking partner” when it comes to all the ways money impacts your life and the decisions you make on how to spend, save, and invest it.

When is a financial advisor a fiduciary?

A financial advisor is a fiduciary when they are legally required always to put your needs first and give you advice that is best for you, even if it means they make less money.

This means they have to:

  1. Be very careful and thorough when giving you advice, considering all important factors.
  2. Tell you everything you need to know to make good decisions, like what fees you'll pay and any risks involved.
  3. Avoid conflicts of interest or handle them fairly by being fully transparent and making sure you come first.
  4. Always be honest and act with integrity, putting your interests ahead of their own or their company's.

Not all financial advisors are fiduciaries. In the U.S., there are two main standards they can follow:

  • Fiduciary Standard: Advisors who are fiduciaries are legally required to always do what's best for you. This includes Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ (CFP®s).
  • Suitability Standard: Advisors following this lower standard only need to give you options that are suitable based on your situation and goals. This applies to brokers and some other financial professionals.

When choosing a financial advisor, it's very important to know if they are a fiduciary or not. A fiduciary is legally bound to give you advice that is truly best for you.

Our team at Archer Investment Management are fiduciary advisors and our advisors are CFP®s. If you have any questions about our certifications or qualifications, please reach out to us at any time.

What is the difference between a fee-only and a fee-based financial advisor?

Financial advisors can get paid in different ways. Understanding this can help you know if an advisor's recommendation might be influenced by how they get paid.

The two main ways are:

  1. Fee-Based: These advisors get paid both through the fees you pay them directly and commissions they earn from selling you financial products like insurance or mutual funds. This means they can make extra money beyond just the fees you pay for their services.
  2. Fee-Only: These advisors only get paid directly by you, their client. They don't earn any commissions or other payments from selling products. They charge you a fee based on the value of your investments, an hourly rate, or a set price for specific services. This is usually more transparent and means their advice is focused on what's best for you.

Working with a fee-only advisor has great benefits:

  • Fewer conflicts of interest, commissions don’t influence recommendations
  • Clear information about what you'll pay, so you know the cost of their services
  • Many are fiduciaries, legally required to always put your interests first

While not all fee-based advisors give biased advice, the fee-only model generally provides more transparency and less potential for conflicts of interest.

This makes fee-only advisors a great choice for getting unbiased financial guidance focused on what’s best for you. Our team at Archer is a fee-only firm.

What questions should I ask a financial advisor?

Don't be afraid to ask plenty of questions. A good advisor takes the time to understand your unique situation and goals. The more you know upfront about a financial advisor, the better you can decide if they're the right fit.

Here are questions you should consider asking a financial advisor:

  • How long have you been a financial advisor, and what training do you have?
  • What certifications or licenses do you hold?
  • Who are your typical clients - individuals, families, or businesses?
  • How do you approach creating financial plans and managing investments?
  • What is your investment strategy and philosophy?
  • How do you determine how much risk I'm comfortable taking?
  • How often will you update me on how my investments are doing?
  • Besides investing, what other services do you provide (retirement, tax, or estate planning)?
  • How do you get paid - fees, commissions, or both? How much will I pay?
  • Are you a fiduciary legally required to put my interests first?
  • How do you handle any conflicts of interest?
  • Can you explain how you'll help me minimize taxes?
  • Do you work with a team or other professionals like tax experts?
  • How will you guide me during volatile or down markets?
  • Can you give examples of how you've helped clients reach their goals?
  • How often do you review and adjust investment portfolios?
  • What's your process for creating a custom, unique financial plan for me?

It’s important to consider the personality and demeanor of an advisor, too.

You’ll be going to them for important financial guidance. Hire someone you and your spouse feel comfortable working with.

What is a CFP® certification for a financial advisor, and why does it matter?

A CFP® stands for CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, and it’s the highest certification for financial planning. This special certification demonstrates a financial advisor has a high level of knowledge in helping people plan their finances.

To become a CFP®, advisors have to go through an in-depth and challenging process:

  • Education: They must complete in-depth coursework on investing, retirement planning, taxes, estates, and insurance from an approved program.
  • Exam: Advisors must pass a challenging exam that tests their ability to apply financial planning concepts to real situations.
  • Experience: They need at least a few years of hands-on experience working in financial planning, either directly with clients or in a support role.
  • Ethics: CFP® advisors must follow strict ethical standards that require them to always act in the best interests of their clients and provide unbiased advice.
  • Certification: Once all the requirements are met, advisors can officially become Certified Financial Planners and use the CFP® designation.

Working with a CFP® gives you confidence your advisor has the comprehensive knowledge and ethical commitment to provide truly well-rounded financial guidance tailored to your unique situation and goals.


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