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Want to Buy Happiness? Spend Your Money Wisely

Can money buy happiness? You may think the answer is no, but maybe it’s not about the balance in your accounts and more about how you choose to spend your money. In their book “Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending“, Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton delve into the research linking money and happiness.  Here are five ways they found money can “buy” happiness:


The joy of having “things” fades quickly, whereas experiences have a lasting effect. If you’re going to spend money, choosing to go on a vacation or attend an event can lead to far more happiness than purchasing that new big-screen TV.


If something is always available, it often loses its luster. If you buy a pastry every time you get coffee, it stops being a treat and becomes a dull routine. But if you only treat yourself once a week, you will have something to look forward to and will appreciate it more.


Have you ever planned a trip months in advance, creating itineraries and researching restaurants? If so, you know that one of the best things about taking a vacation can be the waiting period, the build-up to the day you get on the plane or pack up the car. The anticipation of what’s to come intensifies the emotional experience.


Many people sacrifice valuable time to save a bit of money. But time may be more valuable. Try paying for a housekeeper, having your groceries delivered, or splurging on a direct flight instead of a cheaper indirect one. One way to save time that I’m particularly fond of (warning, shameless plug ahead) is to invest in a financial advisor to simplify your financial life. In all seriousness, by streamlining your finances, you can free up time and mental energy so you can focus on what’s important to you.


We often think that spending money on ourselves will bring happiness. But in reality, one of the best ways to create fulfillment is to spend our money on others. Have you ever bought the perfect gift for someone and experienced joy at how much they appreciated it? It’s a win-win.

Having more money doesn’t guarantee happiness, but being intentional with your money can bring you fulfillment. I’d love to help you simplify your finances so you can find even more happiness in life! Click here to schedule a phone call.

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