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At Archer Investment Management, we work with families who are concerned about the potential six-figure price tag that comes with a four-year college education. Check out our Case Studies for three examples of clients we have helped.  We offer three services to help you prepare: 

College Financial Plan

Many people don’t realize the many resources available for paying for college, from scholarships and grants to loans and savings. We’ll work with you to tackle the biggest concerns families face when it comes to college tuition:

  • How to save for a child’s education while also saving for retirement
  • How high-income families can reduce their out-of-pocket tuition costs
  • How to minimize your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
  • How to find colleges that offer the greatest financial aid packages
  • What scholarships your child may be eligible for at your chosen schools
  • What loans and tax credits available to you and when to use them

Working together, we’ll create a detailed plan to minimize your costs.


Many parents applying for financial aid find the process intimidating, confusing and complicated. There is much more to applying for scholarships and grants than completing a single form. Each college and university has their own financial aid policies and requirements; ranging from the way eligibility is calculated to the number of forms required – sometimes as many as six for an individual school. 

Serving as your personal financial aid coach/administrator, the FAFSAssist program is designed to: 

  • Help you successfully navigate financial aid roadblocks
  • Offer you hands-on guidance through the maze of requirements
  • Complete and file the major forms on your behalf
  • Determine the fairness of your child’s scholarships and grants with suggestions to increase offers

Through FAFSAssist, we seek to help make the college financial aid application and acceptance process more manageable.

Your College List 

As a parent, you can do all the right things: plan financially, implement strategies to increase aid eligibility, and correctly fill out the financial aid forms. Your child can get good grades, join clubs, volunteer, take test prep courses and write amazing essays. As important as all these items are, they are secondary to the single most important factor in paying the least amount of money possible: starting with the right list of candidate schools. 

The financial costs of starting with the wrong list can total tens of thousands of dollars. Designed to help you and your child choose wisely, the Your College List program can help you and your child save money by avoiding:

  • Taking longer to graduate, increasing out-of-pocket college costs and debt 
  • The high cost of transferring to another school
  • Changes of major which delay graduation and earning 
  • Attending a school that won’t provide enough, if any, financial aid or scholarships 
  • Needless college visits

Through this program, we aim to help you start with the right college list so you are more likely to send your child to the right college for the right reasons at the right price.

Getting Started

To begin the conversation about how you and your family can start saving for college and funding your child’s education, contact us today. We can help you decide which program makes the most sense for you.