Are you an investing Hotshot or a Cool Customer?

What kind of investor are you? We broke down your investing mindset into 7 questions to show how your personality can lead to investing extremes. You can download and take it right here.

Self-knowledge is power.

Here’s an example of what you’ll learn:

Are you the kind of person who reads the financial headlines every day or do your financial statements pile up on the counter?

It all depends on your personality. My quiz can help you discover your own mindset in just 7 questions.

You might think that more information is always better, but it’s actually a balancing act.

Getting into the details too much can cause anxiety and take up time that you could be using for other purposes.

Ignoring your finances completely puts you at the other end of the spectrum — passive and potentially out of touch.

Where do you fall on that spectrum? Take our investing personality quiz to find out what biases you have and what they mean for your investing.

I think you’ll be glad you did.

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