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Archer Investment Management expands environmental commitment through Carbonfree® Partnership

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Archer Investment Management provides people-focused financial planning for tech industry professionals.

What makes Archer Investment different from other financial planners? 

They are changing the way their clients think about financial planning. They always put their clients first, they only accept a limited number of clients, they are 100% digital and they use their business to do good. 

Archer Investment is committed to doing good. As part of their goal to do good and to show their commitment to the environment, they joined the Carbonfree® Small Business Program to offset their annual business emissions. 

“The Carbonfree® Small Business Partner Program aligns with our goal to be the change we wish to see in the world,” said Richard J. Archer, President of Archer Investments.

In addition to their Carbonfree® Small Business partnership, Archer Investments gifts offsets to their clients each annually, further highlight their commitment to the environment.

Since partnering with Carbonfund.org, Archer Investment has offset 283.5 metric tonnes of CO2e through support of Carbonfund.org’s carbon offset projects around the world.

Archer Investments commitment to the environment doesn’t end with their Carbonfree® partnership, they have further reduced their emissions by having a 100% digital and virtual office, choosing renewable energy when available and offering sustainable investments options to their clients.