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5 Best Practices for an Organized Financial Life

Imagine laying out all of your bills, account statements, insurance policies, and loans and trying to make sense of them all. Pretty overwhelming, isn’t it? That’s why organization is so foundational. You cannot succeed in your financial life without being organized. Here are 5 steps to get your finances in order.


Look at the big picture of your finances. Are they complicated? Do you have too many credit cards, accounts that go unused, or 401(k)s from past employers? Make a list of all your accounts and prune them back. The fewer you have to manage, the easier it is. Even better, keep all your financial dealings in one place in our online client portal where you can access your investment accounts, see the current value of each of your assets, and review your debts.


Clutter is one of the enemies of organization. Unless you’ve created a streamlined system, paper documents often pile up and can be difficult to track down when you need them. Instead, go paperless by enrolling in electronic delivery wherever possible. Then, all you’ll need to stay on top of things is a list of your usernames and passwords.


Speaking of, find a method of keeping all of your login information in one place.

Find a password manager that will keep your information safe and help you generate many different and complex passwords.  Also, regularly update your passwords so your account details are protected from hackers and identity theft.  


Despite how digital our lives are becoming, there are still times we need physical documents. Find a system that works for you, whether it’s a binder, a locked filing cabinet, or an in-home, fireproof safe. Gather everything together neatly and store it in one place that is easy for you to access.  Buying a crosscut shredder to dispose of older documents is also a must.


Develop a master directory that lays out all your financial information to help you manage your affairs and serve as a guide to your family members if they ever need to assist with your finances. Be sure to include account numbers and logins, and keep this document password-protected or under lock and key.

It’s impossible to make wise financial decisions if you don’t know what you have to work with. If you’re ready to organize your finances or aren’t sure how strong your foundation is, we encourage you to schedule a phone call with us today.

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Richard Archer is a financial advisor and the President of Archer Investment Management with more than eighteen years of industry experience. Largely working with successful individuals and couples, he specializes in providing comprehensive investment guidance and personalized care and attention to each client. Along with holding a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a MBA, he is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certificant and a Chartered Financial Analyst®. He combines his advanced industry education and knowledge with his genuine care for people to provide clients with an exceptional experience. To learn more about Richard, connect with him on LinkedIn or visit