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Leander TX Fee Only Financial Planning Firm

The Leander TX area fee-only financial planning firm of Archer Investment Management has been providing investment management services to the local area for over 12 years. We are an independent fee-only firm that works best with clients that have accumulated $500k or more to invest in their combined asset and portfolio accounts. The CFP Professionals on our team, our commitment to simplicity in all that we do and our proprietary 360-degree planning process are what makes us different from most of the other firms you may encounter.

Excellent financial planning is essential to your financial success. It is crucial to ensure that you hire an experienced professional to help you with all your planning needs. As a fiduciary, we have a moral and ethical obligation to place the interests of our clients first in all that we do, all the time. As a fee-only firm, you will never be asked or pushed into any investment strategy that isn’t in your best interest. We are transparent with our clients about everything we do, including our fee structure. We value our client relationships and are here to serve you above all else.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Our Leander TX financial planning firm, believes in conducting a comprehensive review of your finances before giving you any recommendations. Your finances include your savings accounts, investment account, business cash flow, and retirement accounts. When we have a clear picture of your financial situation, we can then work with you to create a unique financial management plan. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ in Leander and can help you with all of your financial and investment management needs in one place, one service provider. If you have needs involving your retirement planning, income protection planning, or portfolio planning, we can handle it all for you with one comprehensive strategy, saving you time, money and resources.

Our Investment Management Process

Archer Investment Management is an established Leander TX fee-only financial planning firm that has helped many people like you create the financial plan and future you desire. There is no cost or obligation to meet with us and find out if we are a good fit for one another. You will know exactly how we can help you before you pay us a single dollar. The first step is a 15-minute complimentary call with our team. If we both determine it’s a good fit, we will then have a more detailed discussion about your financial needs and concerns. During this one-hour meeting we will get crystal clear on your goals and your unique financial picture. There is no cost for this meeting and if you decide we are not a good fit, we will part ways as friends and wish you the best. We never use any hard sales or pressure tactics, it’s not who we are. If we proceed from there, we will have a second meeting to start the real planning process of working together. We will crunch some numbers, set very clear goals and begin to lay out a strategy on how you can get there. There is some homework involved for both of these stages and after implementing your customized strategy, we will meet up for our annual client meeting to celebrate our wins, adjust your plan and keep moving towards your financial future together!

Retirement Planning

It is essential to prepare for retirement early and we help our clients engage in proactive financial planning for a comfortable retirement. Our Leander TX financial planning firm has many retirement strategies to recommend depending on what stage of life you are in and what your goals are. We can look at tax-efficient strategies, help you get organized and on track for retirement, and all of your various retirement and 401k options. You will have direct access to your registered investment advisor throughout the entire process to answer all your questions and receive the peace-of-mind and direction you need.

Archer Investment Management offers tailored investment strategies to all our clients utilizing a 360-degree planning methodology that is extremely effective.  We work with a wide variety of corporate and tech professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to level-up their financial planning and take it to the next level. Our Leander TX area fee-only financial planning firm has helped a large number of local residents create a more secure financial future by making smarter financial choices. All you have to do in order to get started is Go Here Now to schedule your free 15-minute initial consultation. That will give us a chance to meet you and make sure our expertise matches your needs and goals. If you are ready for a team who will be there to support you every step of your financial journey, you’ve found us!