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Georgetown CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Retirement Planning

If you’re looking for an experienced and professional CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ near Georgetown, Archer Investment Management has you covered. Our firm has been serving the Georgetown area for over 12 years providing solid retirement planning and other financial services to local residents. We can help you create a path to meet your financial and lifestyle goals for the future. We provide personalized assistance and proven strategies to help our clients move towards long-term financial success with sound advice and strategic investment management. 

Work With A CFP® Professional


The best time to start working with a Georgetown area retirement planning firm is right now. The earlier you start planning for your future, the better prepared you’ll be. At Archer Investment Management near Georgetown, you’ll be working one-on-one with a knowledgeable CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ who has been consistently acquired additional training, certifications, and ongoing education to be able to provide the best service possible. Our clients are highly important to us and we are dedicated to helping you find success and meet your financial goals. 


You won’t find a more committed registered investment advisor in the Georgetown area than the one at Archer Investment Management.  You can also have peace of mind knowing your needs are being put first in everything we do on your behalf. Archer Investment Management is a fiduciary meaning that our registered investment advisor in Georgetown does not earn a traditional commission for upselling you additional products. We are a fee-only firm. You never need to worry that your advisor is selling or promoting something that won’t benefit you in order to earn a higher commission. We take great pride in our commitment to ethics, loyalty and doing what’s right for our clients!

Map Out A Path Toward Financial Stability


The right financial advisor can make all the difference when it comes to helping you map out a thorough retirement plan. We offer a full range of financial services at our Georgetown firm, from 401k assistance to Social Security maximization, to helping you lessen your tax liability and hold on to more of your hard-earned money for post-work life. 


You don’t have to navigate investment management alone. You can now have an experienced professional on your side to help you make informed decisions when it comes to your financial health. Call Archer Investment Management today to make an appointment with our Georgetown area CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. Simply Go Here to schedule your free 15-minute initial consultation. That will give us a chance to meet you and make sure our expertise matches your needs and goals. Our friendly team is standing by to answer any question you may have!